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OK, WE`RE READY  [2013]

Our World

One Day I woke up and saw illusions
falling down the sky.
I knew, that it was time to fight,
to wipe out all the darkness inside;
Though they put me down so long
and locked my feelings far away,
I never quit believing you,
you help me don´t go astray;

Then you go around the corner,
and you feel, there is a new beginning.
You may wonder, out there is help for you.

When/Do you really want to know me,
you must lay down all wickedness and pride.
Hear the spirit sending true words to you;

The whole world is beguiling you,
this freedom is no freedom at all.
Devil tongues are speaking out,
try to make Jah people to fall;

Though they try to smash you down,
hurt you in so many ways,
Remember, you are not alone,
keep enduring all the pain;


Spread Out

Come and spread, the good vibration,
on and on, your smiling face –
is pulling out all the frustration,
Let´s keep dancing in this place;

We are free and we are many,
people with capacities –
are feeling it is time to move now,
Make this world more positive;

Everyday, everynight, we gonna feel alright,
No more tears, no more pain, he will come down like the rain;

Show me now!  No more pretending,
focus on, the final round.
Don´t be fooled, the world is ending
at a time no man has found;

Hear the truth, and feel forgiven,
in this struggle, be prepared.
Evil times, without a riddim
make the people running scared;


Burning Tree

Feel the misery rising – proclaiming, that you optimize this world.
A generation of frustration, living a foretold illusion,
walking unto self destruction, it is time to reason now.

You say: Let´s drink today for tomorrow we are dead.
In your heart you keep pretending, that the world is never ending,
better to be overstanding and to eat the living bread;

Remember what is right
Many people don´t know
We all will have to fight

Blind and never free,
the rotten burning tree.

Sentinels, what do you see? Is there a chance, or should we flee?
when the foe is drawing near, be prepared and have no fear,
call on Jah – he surely hears, this is no philosophy.

Blind and never free
the rotten burning tree


Easy Mood

Darling can´t you see, I´m loving you,
the way you make me feel so brandnew.
sweet girl I will show, the love I give,
with happiness, so we can live;

Live together in a righteous way,
we can make it, can you feel?
Free yourself from all pain and misery.
Say a prayer to the Lord, and he will guide your way;

Without love, there´s no peace,
hold on, hold on – don´t let go.
Say: I will write it in my heart today,
only love can make us free;

Come on now, come and take my hand,
I wanna, wanna talk to you now.
You see, that the world is not your friend,
be righteous anyway, and true in what you say;

Woman dont be blue, you´re needing me,
I need you too, thank god it´s true.
Is it like they say? When love is real,
when love is real, there is a way;

Live together in a righteous way,
we will make it, can you feel?
Free yourself from all pain and misery,
give your burden to the lord,
he will take it away;



Know the truth

O Jah almighty – let not mine enemies put me to shame.
Let not my foe gain victory over me – I pray to thee.

Put me on my feet again, make me strong when trouble come.
You are my shield in times of hate, and you take care of my fate;
No corruption or destruction shall bring me down this life.
Yes u are with me, I can feel your presence. With you I can be care free;
Lo, all I have to say – the truth has set me free.
Come on over and you`ll be fine;
No Illusion or Confusion, no Frustration bring me down,
No offenders, Workers of iniquity can tear me down this time;


Win the fight

There´s so much wrong, it´s invisible.
Darkness hides behind the clouds;
Never think that it´s impossible.
Just come out and rule the fight;

When you will think, peace and safety,
sudden destruction comes along;
Will you be fighting in the righteous way?
When faith is found there is no wrong;

Never show your insecurity,
Leave your fear behind the bars;
They will never know, what there is going on;

They will never know, they will never know;

There ´r so many things which are disposable.
Don´t be focused on the norm;
Now tell me something, that is useable.
Come with us, make it right – win the fight!


Ok, we´re ready

People, it is time, are you ready?
Shout a little louder and declare your sympathy,
for the one, who is there, who is true everywhere,
lets undo all division for today;

People, let me hear you, are you ready?
Wipe away the old and depressive worn out life,
and you feel, and you hear and you see, I am near.
Can you give me a smile for today?

In stormy times, you feel your boat,
sinking – to the ground of hopeless sorrows.
Arise and don´t give in, with guidance –
we escape the pits of hell.

Dancing in the mood of Rocking steady;
this rythm is for you, i hope you never feeling blue;
For tonight, you are free and tomorrow you will see,
that the son and the sun will shine for you.

I will say alright, you say already;
Keep it in your soul, better focuse on your goal;
Don´t defame, do it right, make a move, win the fight,
help your brethren on the way, everyday;

In Memories and visions, you are a happy child,
bearing fruits in every season,
When will i see this time?



A cry out of love, out for love,
out for freedom.
Why all the hate, no more faith,
no more wisdom;
Is there a chance, is there hope
for redemption?
All I can see, I can feel,
is confusion;

Confusion, Illusion,
Transgression, Agression.

Could man be right, in his sight,
in his thinking?
When there´s no guide, and no light,
death is waiting;
Turn, turn around, feel ya ground,
your creator.
Jah he´s with us, he loves you,
there´s no “later”.

Right! shine your light, feel alright,
feel forgiveness.
Try and try more, there is war,
there is madness;
Put, put it on, armed for dawn,
there´s protection.
Love, truth and light,
be in Christ, in his section;


Jah is there

When the rain starts to fall,
I´m gonna pray for my soul.
Cauz I know Jah is there,
and he protects us all;

When the heathen rise and rage,
they will surely get their wage.
But ye o brethrens will rejoice,
and sing together with one voice;
Fallen, Babylon is fallen,
Fallen, Babylon is fallen.

Pray for wisdom and truth,
these words are sent to the youth.
When you know, then believe,
the lord will come like a thief;

Now they know but they don´t understand,
Now they know, will you understand?

Look the sun´s shining through,
you see the rainbow for you.
So we know Jah is there,
and I will pray for you too;


For you

What a new day,
Can u feel the sun is shining, on you.
There is a way,
and to walk it, you must be learning to be true;

I like it, when you smile, i like the way your hapiness
is filling up my lonley heart.
O how good to feel, that you draw me nigh,
when I´m away – so far away;

Come, come and feel alright.
come, come, come on over;
If you search the narrow gate,
pray for help now, and don´t be late.
Not thy words will set you free,
but true faith for liberty;

Remember all the things, that have been given to you,
a merry heart, a happy mood.
Come on and hold me tight, to be together ,
together for this time, for a life time;


Native Dance

Jah has made this earth for you,
Don´t you know that this is true?
But you want more, you want more.
You should feel ashamed for sure;

O what a crime, you run out of time.

So you want more for yourself,
and less for everyone else.
This is the road, that will lead to your destruction,
can you hear, what i say?

Man of sin, there is no way,
you must turn, or you will pay.
King or pawn, we all shall see,
when the lawless one will flee;


Take your time

Take, take your time, find some peace,
cooling down, it´s alright, you are fine.
No more troubles get thee down;

Take, take your time, do it good,
do it right, all the way in thy life.
and no more sorrows get thee down;

On your road, there is so much to see,
and all the beauty of life is just for free;

Free your time, find some peace,
cooling down, it´s alright, you are fine.
No more troubles get thee down;





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